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AXE 440 Crossbow Package

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Enjoy easy-handling balance and incredible speed from the Axe Crossbows AX400 Crossbow Package. Thanks to a shoot-through riser and balanced center of mass, this compact crossbow is easy to maneuver, while the reverse-limb design propels bolts downrange at a blistering 440 fps, despite just a 15" power stroke. Just 30.5"L and only 11.5" axle to axle when cocked, the AX440 is perfect for hunting from a blind or treestand. The proprietary cam system boasts 85% efficiency and centers the string along the same plane throughout the entire power stroke to maximize speed and accuracy. The AX440 eliminates the standard crossbow rail, instead guiding the bolt down dual carbon rods, plus it pairs with the tunable roller rest to minimize speed-robbing friction and accuracy-destroying torque. All these features mean the AX440 can take advantage of a small-diameter bolt system, shooting 19.5", .166" I.D. bolts with precision. Plus the bolts have an aluminum capture-nock system that makes an audible click when fully engaged with the string so there are no nocking mistakes. The 3.5-lb. trigger with zero creep enhances accuracy, plus it resets to the safe position after every shot, making this one of the safest crossbows available. The integrated crank with cock and de-cock features pair with an adjustable, collapsible foot hold to make drawing a breeze. An adjustable butt stock and cheek comb provide ample customization for the perfect fit. The Axe Crossbows AX440 Crossbow Package includes: crossbow, integrally-mounted 3-arrow quiver, multi-range illuminated 440 reticle scope, 3 AXE micro bolts, and 3 100-gr. field points. Speed: 440 fps. Length: 30.5". Width: 11.5" (cocked), 16.6" (uncocked). Power Stroke: 15". Weight: 10.5 lbs. (without scope).

  • Produces bolt speeds up to 440 fps
  • Compact, easy-to-maneuver design
  • Cams boast 85% efficiency
  • Dual carbon rods instead of a traditional rail
  • Tunable roller rest
  • Minimal bolt contact throughout power stroke
  • Compatible with and includes short, small-diameter bolts
  • 3.5-lb., crisp-breaking trigger with no creep
  • Trigger resets to safety automatically after every shot
  • Built-in crank with cocking and de-cocking features
  • Adjustable and collapsible foot hold
  • Adjustable butt stock and cheek comb
  • Includes the crossbow, quiver, scope, and 3 bolts with field points