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Covert Code Black Select Wireless Camera

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  • 30MP images
  • 4K HD video
  • .2 second trigger speed
  • 100ft flash range with 80ft detection range
  • Real time photos
Code Black Select gives users the option to choose AT&T or Verizon as their desired cellular data provider. Captures images at 30MP and 4K video with a 100ft flash range and 80ft detection range with a .2-second trigger. Take real time images and change camera settings through the Covert Web Portal or Covert Wireless app. Features include a 2� viewing screen, GPS functionality, 1-10 shot burst, silent image capture, invisible flash, time/date/temp/moon phase stamp, and QR code set-up. Compatible with SD cards up to 32GB. Powered by 12 AA batteries.