Axcel Kryptos Pro Adjustable Dampener

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  • Adjustable rotating inner settings
  • Strong rubber material supports up to 30oz weights
  • Superior vibration dampening
Adjustable vibration dampener system that allows you to adjust the strong proprietary rubber material will support up to 30oz weight max. By loosening the locking screw you twist the inner part of the dampener to set the tension to the amount of weights being used. The overall weight of the dampener is 2.7oz. When using 1-5oz weights loosen set screw rotate counter-clockwise all the way to stop position lock screw down, when using 5-10oz weights tighten clockwise 1 revolution to line 1 lock screw down, when using 10-30oz weights tighten clockwise 2 revolution line 2 lock screw down. Stock 5/16�-24 thread size.