NightStick Duel Light Rechargeable Flashlight

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Black 900 Lumens USB
  • 900 lumens for 3 hours (22 hours in 150 lumens mode)
  • 5.8-inches long and weighs 6.9 oz.
  • High/Med/Low/Strobe modes
  • Dual-light mode illuminates below you and in front
  • Includes 2' USB charging cable and rechargeable battery
The USB-578XL is a USB rechargeable flashlight with a Dual-Light capabilities and multiple modes for filling a variety of needs. This light uses an LED rated at 900 lumens for 3 hours and can last up to 22 hours in low mode (150 lumens). This tactical flashlight can cycle between high, medium, low, and strobe modes with ease. The secondary switch provides 250 lumens for 3.5 hours. Press both buttons independently to activate dual-light mode at 500 lumens for 2.5 hours. This dual mode illuminates the proximity below you as well as in front of you. At 5.8-inches long and weighing 6.9 oz, this light is easy to carry or throw in a bag. The USB-578XL is IPX7 waterproof rated and features a discretely sleeve collar that opens for USB charging. The built-in charging indicator turns green when fully charged. Includes a 2� USB charging cable, rechargeable battery and CR123 battery carrier.