Our Story

About Landgea

A little bit about us… Landgea is an online social marketplace that was created from the simple idea that people who love the outdoors love outdoor products.  Products that are unique. Handcrafted. One-of-a-kind. Products that whisper “I can’t believe you found me".  And no matter what your outdoor interest is, we bring you the gear, tools, clothing, and inspiration to make it better.  Landgea was created by hunters, fishermen, shooters, hikers and lovers of the outdoor lifestyle.  That’s why shopping with us feels like someone found everything you want; everything you need, and put it right at your feet.  Because that’s what we do. We work with the country’s best artists and inventors, craftsmen and manufacturers to create personalized collections of unique products that will make your next adventure one you won’t forget.  We unite the outdoors.  

Who we are… We are a group of people who have passion for the outdoors. Some of us are hunters, some are fisherman, and some of us just love being outside enjoying the sunshine. We are all united in our passion to help small businesses grow. When we came up with this idea and started talking to some of our friends in the industry, we kept hearing one thing, “we’ve been waiting for something like this!” We sincerely hope that we can unite the best of the outdoors by bringing together buyers and sellers of outdoor products.  

What does “Landgea” mean? We wanted a name that was a little bit abstract but also really represented the idea of bringing together the best of the outdoors. That made us think back…and we remembered way back to like fifth grade history when we learned about Pangea, the earth’s supercontinent. It’s when all of the continents were one. And when we thought about our mission, we made up the word “Landgea,” because not only does it sound cool, but it also represents uniting the outdoors.  

Some cool things to know about us… • We are Midwesterners – no tech-coasters here! We are all based in the heart of it all, Ohio. And, we believe in the greatness of America. We are boot-strappin’ our way up, just like many of you. • We are self-funded – no big investors here! We are putting our hard-earned dollars into this business, just like you do with yours. We are so committed to this idea and the power of our outdoor community that we are going to build this together.  • We come from a pretty diverse set of backgrounds – we’ve got our IT ninjas, our Marketing Mavens and our Outdoor experts. That’s what makes us both unique and pretty exciting. We’ve got the skills to make this happen. And we are committed to build it with each and every one of you in our community!