ATN X-Sight 4K Night Vision Riflescope

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Black 5-20x 30mm
  • HD night vision mode
  • 1080p video recording
  • One Shot Zero
  • Smart Mil-Dot reticle
  • USB-C rechargeable
The ATN X-Sight 4k Pro 5-20X is a digital day and night vision rifle scope with ultra HD clarity and plenty of advanced features. The X-Sight�s enhanced night vision records in a black/white mode for increased clarity. Simultaneously records 1080p video and streams 720p video. The One Shot Zero feature allows you to make a shot and realign the reticle for accurate and one-shot sighting-in. Also features a 3D gyroscope and 3D accelerometer. The lightweight design makes it convenient for mounting on anything from crossbows to air and rimfire rifles. The ballistic calculator provides information on range, wind, angle to target, temperature etc. and includes multiple-weapon profiles. The smart Mil-Dot reticle allows you to program the variance between hash marks. Recoil activated video directly records before and after the shot moments so you don�t miss a thing. Provides up to 18 hours of continuous battery power and USB-C rechargeable. Weighs 2.2 lbs.