BUCKSTIK Large Refresh kit w/spray bottle

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Deer use their sense of smell as their primary communication method with other deer.  These scents come from 3 primary glands:  Preorbital, forehead, and interdigital.  Buckstik has developed a line of all three glands that are 100% pure and 100% natural.  Processed in a laboratory setting to ensure purity and consistency these highly coveted glands have an unlimited shelf life, low evaporation rate, and unlike urines have no usage restrictions.  A VERY powerful attractant, just one or two sprays are all that are needed to bring in dominant bucks. 

The Large Gland kit features three 10 ml spray bottles:

  • #1 Preorbital Gland
  • #2 Forehead Gland
  • #3 Interdigital Gland

Ideal for Buckstik or BuckBranch Users. This is the larger 10ml bottle kit. If used properly, this kit will last over 4 seasons per BuckStik. Check out the "Glands" Tab for more information.