Carbon Express Maxima Sable RZ Shafts

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350 1 doz.
  • TriSpine Technology
  • 360 degree spine consistency
  • 3K carbon weave
Constructed with Carbon Express�s exclusive TriSpine technology with 360-degree spine consistency�to stabilize and maintain how the arrow flexes in flight, the Sable RZ series sets a new standard in lightweight hunting arrow performance.� The exclusive 3K carbon weave of the TriSpine construction brings�strength, stability, and speed together to create a tough, light weight and wicked accurate arrow shaft with up to 4X the accuracy of standard single spine arrows.�Designed for speed, the key to consistency comes in the arrow�s center section or Red Zone which takes advantage of Carbon Express�s proven Tri-Spine technology where the center section is weaker while the distal ends remain stiff to contain arrow oscillation and control the enemy of hyper-accuracy, Dynamic Spine.� Constructed of 100% carbon the Maxima Sable RZ offers an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.� In testing, Maxima Sable arrows have shown a 10+% increase in accuracy as compared to similar arrow models of the past.� Those who desire to maximize speed and accuracy with less drop at distance need to look no further than the Maxima Sable RZ.