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Traditions Deerhunter Muzzleloader

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.50 cal 24 in. Blued Synthetic Black Flint
  • 24" Octagonal barrel with 1:48" twist rifling
  • Flintlock action
  • Williams Fiber Optic Metal Sights
  • Crisp Hunting trigger
  • Black Synthetic Stock
The Deerhunter rifle is a lightweight and easy to shoot rifle at a modest price. This muzzleloading rifle is for users of any experience level. The Deerhunter has a 24� Octagonal barrel with a 1:48� rate of twist. The Deerhunter barrels are designed to shoot full bore-sized bullet, saboted bullets, and patched round balls. The Williams Fiber Optic Metal sights are fully adjustable and allow use in daytime or lowlight situations.