CMC Triggers Enchanced Bolt Carrier Group

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AR10 .308/6.5 Creedmoor
  • External surfaces are CNC ground after heat treatment for a precision fit
  • Made from 9310 case hardended steel
  • Bolt components are shot peened and black nitride coated
  • Enlarged forward ports
  • Optimized for suppressor use
The flared rear of the enhanced bolt carrier is designed to reduce carrier tilt/cant during recoil and increase reliability by strategically relocating key bearing surfaces. Made from Case-hardened 8620 steel. The CMC enhanced carrier has fewer points of contact, resulting in less friction area. The increase in mass ensures proper gas pressure and increases dwell time, thus improving extraction while shooting suppressed or short-barreled rifles (SBRs). Bolt Assembly: The Bolt is a "true" Mil-spec dimension. The external surfaces are CNC ground after heat treatment for a precision fit. The bolts are held to the high tolerances. The "trumpet" area behind the gas rings, where carbon collects, is precision CNC Ground after heat treatment, to ensure as smooth of an area as possible, easing clean up and longevity. Made from 9310 Case Hardened Steel, bolt components are Shot Peened & Black Nitride coated. Additional features include Black Nitride finish, Enlarged forward ports, Optimized for suppressor use, Hardened 4340 cam pin, Mil-Spec 8740 steel firing pin, MPI and HPT tested, and Mil-Spec Extractor Spring & O-Ring.