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GPS Rolling Handgunner Backpack with Cradle

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Black 4 Handgun
  • Telescoping handle and ball bearing wheels for easy transport and storage
  • Free standing backpack
  • Visual ID storage system
  • Internal foam cradle holds 4 medium to small frame handguns
  • Pull-out rain cover
The Rolling Handgunner Backpack features a telescoping handle and ball bearing wheels for easy transport and storage. Multiple compartments allow the storage of multiple handguns, 12 extra magazines, ammo, eye and ear protection, targets, and more. The included Visual ID Storage System stores frequently used items for added protection and easy retrieval. A foam cradle provides enough storage to hold 4 medium to small size handguns vertically. This vertical positioning allows easier access and 360� of protection. The cradle is made of high density foam and is CNC machined to cradle each pistol by its trigger guard. Slide the cradle out for easy access and retrieval at the range without having to dig through your bag. Includes lockable main zippers for legal transportation and a pull-out rain cover.