NO. 4 - High Testosterone Pure Tarsal Gland Beads or Spray - BUCKSTIK

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Perfect for creating mock scrapes when used in conjunction with the BuckStik or Ripstik, the High Testosterone Pure Tarsal Gland beads are created using 90% Mature buck pure tarsal gland and 10% pure Mature buck urine.  The unique bead formulation provides an unlimited shelf life, low evaporation rate, and delivers proven results.  The 2 ounce jar of custom blended beads is designed to deliver longer exposure times and allows you to limit human traffic in the woods.  Available in 2oz Bead Jar, 10 ml spray bottle, or combo package with both Beads and Spray.

Note: Due to high demand and a difficult collection process, orders will ship on a first buy first serve basis.