NO. 5 - Hot Doe Pure Tarsal Gland Beads or Spray - BUCKSTIK

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Designed to be used with the Rutstik, #5 Hot Doe beads are made using a blend of 90% pure November Doe tarsal gland and 10% high quality Doe-in-Heat urine.  This product will drive rutting and cruising bucks wild and bring them back again and again in search of the hot doe.  The custom beads, in the 2 ounce jar, are designed to last a longer time and limit the number of times you need to refresh the scent site.

Check out the RutStik and Bead Instructions located in the "Blogs + How to Use" Tab for more information. 

 Also available in a Larger sized 10 ml spray bottle. (5ml larger than the standard #5 spray that comes with the RutStik) 

**Due to high demand and difficult collection process, quantities are limited and all orders will be filled on a first come first served basis. **