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Summit Dual Axis Treestand

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  • Lightweight, aluminum stand
  • Locks silently into position for secure sitting or standing
  • Breathable mesh seat
  • Folds up to offer standing hunters a comfortable pommel seat
  • 34" x 24" platform
The Summit Dual Axis is a lightweight, aluminum hang-on treestand designed for bowhunters. The patented seat locks silently into two positions for comfort and security whether sitting or standing. The breathable mesh seat provides all-day comfort in the seated position, but folds up to offer standing hunters a comfortable pommel seat. The dual-post design spreads the platform cables out farther, proving hunters with plenty of room on the platform. The platform also features Summit�s DeadMetal Sound Dampening Technology, which fills critical parts of the stand with a custom-engineered expanding foam that deadens sound. Quality of life improvements include the quick-attach strap for fast, easy installation in the tree, as well as adjustable backpack straps for easy transport. The Dual Axis supports up to 300 pounds and fits on trees 8-20 inches in diameter. The seat is 21 inches above the platform in the seated configuration, and 34 inches high from the platform in the standing position.