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TenPoint ACUsled

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  • Portable and retractable
  • Designed for most TenPoint, Horton and Wicked Ridge crossbows
  • Reduces cocking effort by 50 percent
A portable, retractable rope-cocker designed for most TenPoint, Horton, and Wicked Ridge crossbows, including reverse-draw and acute string angle crossbows, the ACUsled reduces a crossbow’s draw weight by 50 percent and reduces the risk of inaccurate cocking that can occur with traditional rope-cockers, and thus, improves a shooter’s accuracy. The lightweight unit’s draw cord is pound-for-pound 15 times stronger than steel and completely retracts inside one of the two grips after cocking the crossbow. Then, the grips dovetail neatly together to form a compact unit for easy storage.